3 Essential Tips When Living with Braces

Braces are extremely helpful and will let you correct the alignment of your teeth, increase your confidence, and give you a smile that looks amazing. However living with braces can be tricky – especially at the start.

While there are many ways that you will need to care for your braces (and teeth), and cope with living with them, these 3 tips in particular could be a huge help:

  • Experiment with different types of floss

Depending on the type of braces you’re wearing, flossing could be just as easy as it always was or it could be really very difficult. That being said it is important that you do keep flossing – otherwise your dental health will deteriorate and that could lead to various complications.

Nowadays there are many different types of dental floss that you could try to help make flossing easier while wearing braces. A good place to start is to ask your dentist for recommendations, and you may want to try using water picks as an alternative as well.

  • Keep a mirror on you always

At some point or other you’re likely to get food stuck in your braces – no matter how careful you are. Feeling around with your tongue and trying to dislodge food can be a tedious experience, which is why it helps to have a small mirror with you at all times so you can check your braces after you’ve had a meal.

If you don’t want to carry around a mirror, you could use a mirror app on your smartphone that will do the same. As a nice bonus it will look less conspicuous, since to all outward appearances you’ll just be looking at your phone.

  • Stay away from foods that could stain your teeth

While you’ll gradually learn what types of foods are easy or more difficult to eat when wearing braces, you should make it a point to avoid foods that stain your teeth. Not only will it be more difficult to clean stains while wearing braces, but if you try to apply too much pressure you may actually damage your braces.

It is generally not that difficult to spot foods that can stain your teeth (such as berries), but if you have any doubts it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Over time you’ll probably learn which foods to avoid, and which ones are safe.

As much as it can be difficult living with braces at times, it is important that you stick with it. If you have any particular difficulties, you may want to seek advice from your orthodontist during your next appointment.

Always remember that as challenging as it can be – the rewards of fixing your smile will make it all worthwhile in the long run, and when your braces come out you’ll be able to enjoy them. Till then, find ways such as the ones outlined above to cope with your braces until they do their work and give you the smile that you want.