4 Ways to Prepare a Child to Wear Braces

Getting braces for a child is a good step to ensure their dental health by correcting any alignment issues, crooked teeth, or other factors that could affect it. That being said your child may very well feel a bit apprehensive about wearing braces, and it can be a challenge for them.

With that in mind, you should take steps to prepare your child for braces in several ways:

  • Include the child in discussions about treatment options

When you’re discussing the possibility of braces with your orthodontist, include your child. Most orthodontists are very experienced in treating children, and will be able to explain to your child exactly what the options are and what they can expect. By including your child, you should be able to make them feel more calm and confident about the treatment itself.

  • Make sure they understand the procedure as well as what to expect afterwards

It is important that your child should understand exactly what the orthodontist will be doing to install the braces – as well as what to expect afterwards. Discussing this with the orthodontist can help, but you should also discuss it with your child privately and make sure they are fully aware of what braces entail.

  • Prepare for the first few days

Generally the first few days of wearing braces are the most difficult for children, as it can be a bit painful and it will take time for them to get used to it. On your part you should prepare for that, and in particular should ensure that you have soft foods that they enjoy such as yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, or pasta.

Additionally you may want to make sure that you’re stocked up on supplies that may come in handy – such as ibuprofen for the pain, and orthodontic wax to help deal with any irritating parts of the braces. Both can go a long way to making the irritation that is common in the first few days a lot more manageable.

  • Focus on the benefits – with examples

For most children the benefits of getting braces may not be immediately obvious, and so you should try to give them examples. It is easy enough to find before and after pictures online that can illustrate how braces can help, and you could even look up celebrities or artists that your child likes and let them know how braces helped them.

Ask your child about how they think their smile will look, and help them to understand just how big of an improvement they can expect to see once the braces eventually come off.

All of these measures should help your child to be able to cope with braces and get used to them gradually without facing too many difficulties. That being said it can be a trying experience and so you should be sure to talk to an orthodontist that has a reputation or handling kids braces Cardiff. At the end of the day anything that can help your child become more confident while wearing braces is a good thing.