5 surprising causes of back pain –and what to do about it

We present five causes of back pain that don’t seem obvious at once – and how you can tackle the, to be pain-free.

It seems that every second person today suffers from back pain. Severe back pain may restrict mobility and force you to alter your lifestyle. If you are wondering why you suffer from it, consider the following 5 surprising causes of back aches– and how to get rid of back pain with easy fixes:

1 Smoking.

Smoking has an adverse effect on the blood supply patterns, wherein less blood is supplied and at a lower rate. When there is reduced blood supply to the discs located in the back, they may age prematurely and start causing pain. The lower back is most affected, where the spine curves inwards. Studies show that smoking also makes the smoker less resistant and tolerant of pain, so they are bound to feel it more.

Get rid of back pain: Stop smoking, pronto. Also, be careful about wearing out the discs further through sudden movements.

2 Your line of vision with your computer.

Sitting for long periods of time at your desk and working on a computer can cause back pain, because the back remains inactive for long periods of time. You should check your computer/laptop screen. If your neck pushes itself downward as you work, then the screen is located at the wrong height. Ideally, the top of the screen should be level with your eyes so that you stare straight ahead instead of looking down.

Get rid of back pain: Add height to your computer/laptop screen to bring it in level with your eye line.

3 Processed sugar.

And you thought excess sugar was bad just for your waistline. It turns out that processed sugar can increase inflammation in the body’s major joints. If you are already prone to inflammation or have suffered a back injury, then processed sugar may spike the inflammation even further. Besides, the risk of back pain in overweight people or those who lead sedentary lifestyles is higher.

Get rid of back pain: Avoid processed sugar for better health. Instead, use jaggery, honey or dates to sweeten your food.

4 Wrong mattress.

It’s not just about getting seven hours of sleep a night; it’s about sleeping in the right posture and on the right mattress. You can do your back some serious damage if you sleep on a sagging mattress and with a soft pillow that does not support your neck properly. The spine might curve unnaturally, and your neck might either dip below the shoulder blades or be elevated.

Get rid of back pain: Buy a firm mattress that maintains the natural contours of your body without being too hard.

5 Your cell phone.

It is common for people to keep staring down at their phones all day. Nobody holds their cell phone straight ahead of their faces – you hold it at abdomen level, with the neck looking downward as your surf. This puts pressure on your shoulders and upper back, for starters.

Get rid of back pain: Every few minutes, look up from your cell phone and move your neck slowly from side to side. Shrug your shoulders up and down gently to release the tension in them.

The simplest answer to ‘How to get rid of back pain?’ is often to keep a tube of a good pain relief cream handy. You can apply it every night before going to bed.