5 Things to Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth and will look and feel like a natural tooth. However installing implants does require surgery, and it will take time before the area where the post has been installed starts to heal.

While the exact time it will take to heal varies from person to person, it is important that do everything you can to ensure it heals properly and as quickly as possible. As part of that, there are five things in particular that you should avoid after your surgery:

  • Foods that are hard and crunchy

Chewing foods that are hard and crunchy is not a good idea while your implant is healing, as it could inadvertently make it worse. That is the last thing that you want, and so you should stay away from nuts, carrots, apples, or anything else that may require a lot of pressure to chew.

  • Sugar or sticky food

As a rule it is best to cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible while you’re healing from dental implant surgery. Not only can it cause issues for your dental health, but it can also alter the pH balance of your mouth and cause other problems. Similarly sticky food such as candy and pastries can get stuck in various parts of your mouth, and may be difficult to clean without adversely affecting the implant site.

  • Tobacco products

Smoking in itself can reduce your body’s ability to heal, and will increase the recovery period after your surgery. At the same time tobacco products will also increase the risk of dental conditions that could lead to the implant failing. If you can you should stop using any tobacco products prior to your surgery, or at very least cut down dramatically.

  • Alcohol

Drinking any alcoholic beverages can dehydrate your body while also increasing the inflammation in the area around the implant. Needless to say that is far from ideal, and if will affect your recovery time and make the risk of infection greater. It would be best to stop consuming any alcohol prior to your surgery, and then continuing to avoid it until after the area has fully healed.

  • Acidic food

Another type of food that you will want to avoid is anything that has a high acid content. That includes tomatoes, most fruit, and beverages such as coffee. Increasing the acid level of your mouth could contribute to dental health issues, which is the last thing that you want after an implant surgery.

If you can avoid all these 5 items after you install dental implants, it should improve your recovery time and reduce the risk of any complications. Generally it is best to stay away from them until the affected area has healed completely, though if you have any doubts you can consult your dentist during one of your checkups. Make no mistake it is worth ensuring that your dental implants are successful, as if they are they’ll act as a great replacement for a long time to come.