Always take care of the correct dosage to avoid the side effects of steroids

Body building is a task requiring complete determination and putting your mind and soul into it. It is not easy to do the strenuous exercises required for gaining the perfect shape and fit of the body that these body builders acquire. When we see a body builder and appreciate each and every muscle cut of his body, we forget about the hard work and the efforts that were put in the task.

Many people have started their career in the field of body building these days and many young men and women are using short cuts to achieve the body type. While diet supplementation is required along with some anabolic steroidal drugs, their side effects are to be taken into consideration and avoided by using them in correct dose and schedule.

  • Winstrol and its side effects in women

Winstrol is an anabolic steroidal derivative of dehydrotestosterone. It has many side effects in women and may cause virility. The symptoms appear as hoarseness of the voice, increased facial and body hair and decreased libido. It decreases in natural testosterone in body.  The correct dosage for women is 10mg every alternate day and should be closely monitored. Half life of this drug is more so the person does not need to consume it throughout the day in divided doses to keep the levels in the blood. It should be avoided by women previously having a medical history of any disease related to liver dysfunction because that can hamper the liver functions as this drug is also hepatotoxic in higher doses and cause serious joint pains and muscular cramps. ·       Benefits in women Winstrol promotes more anabolism in women and is used  for weight loss and for having a body cut which represents tight muscles and a perfect shaped body. Though high concentrations of this anabolic androgenic steroid is not advised for women but taking it in low concentration for a period of 5-6 weeks helps women be strong and have a smooth muscle tone. For many decades now, winstrol has been used as a perfect supplementation by both men and women. It is mainly used in the cutting phase and is free of the side effects of weakness caused by the dieting. Apart from this it also helps with the tightening of muscles reducing the fat tissue and increasing the lean body mass.