Am I a High-Functioning Addict?

Addiction doesn’t affect everyone the exact same way. As a result, there are many people who live their lives, go to work every day, and take care of their families, all while struggling with addiction. It’s time to find out if you might be a high-functioning addict.

High-functioning addicts use drugs or alcohol in large amounts and are often dependent on these substances. However, they still manage to maintain their lives around their addictions, so many people don’t realize they are dealing with this severe problem. High-functioning addicts make excuses for using drugs or alcohol: either they have stressful jobs or they feel they need to blow off steam. This type of attitude downplays the severity of the addiction.

Also, high-functioning addicts may be enabled by their loved ones in their drug abuse. They think about using often and reward themselves for a hard day at work or another task by using drugs. As such, these individuals still experience some issues associated with their substance abuse, usually health-related, but they will try to blame these problems on something else.

If you participate in any of the behaviors listed above, according to you may in fact be a high-functioning addict. Though you may feel like you have your addiction under control, the important thing to remember is addiction changes the way your brain works, causing you to feel in control even when you’re not. If you think these symptoms describe your experience, it is time to seek help for your addiction.