Best Places For Treatment in Damascus, Syria

Damascus may be the capital of Syria it’s also an essential hub for science, culture, politics, art, and commercial activities. The town is known to be earliest city on the planet that’s been lived on continuously. The nation has condition hospitals in each and every province but the majority of the good hospitals are concentrated within the capital Damascus. The therapy at government hospitals is nearly free and also the fee billed by nursing homes can also be controlled through the government.

The Brand New Clinic is a the best healthcare center in Damascus. A healthcare facility was placed in the entire year 1991 and it has facilities and knowhow for most medical and surgical practices. It’s outfitted with highly advanced infrastructure and also the team in the hospital is properly trained. A healthcare facility is outfitted to conduct pediatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, general surgery and kidney transplants. The address with this hospital is Misat sq. Bernia Street, P.O.Box 7465.

The Dr. Shami-Attar-Bdeir-Health Care Center started through the Attar Group almost 30 years ago. The MCC provides excellent health care to the patients and it is outfitted with latest medical technology along with a properly trained staff. Surgeries within the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, Ing, ophthalmology and neurology aside from cosmetic surgery and general surgery are transported out in the hospital regularly. A healthcare facility has advanced checking systems along with a modern Intensive Care Unit. A healthcare facility performs open heart surgeries and also the hospital includes a 100 bed capacity.

An Italian Man , hospital in Damascus was built-in 1936. It is among the important healthcare facilities within the city. Over time a healthcare facility has become referred to as a modern hospital that gives good services at treatment to the patients. A healthcare facility is situated at Tilyani and also the contact figures are 332-9404 332-6030/1.

The Al-Asadi Hospital situated in Mazzeh, Western Villas Damascus focuses on heart surgery and Bridi Clinic at Rawda Street, near Arnous Square has facilities for dental and medical ailments. The phone number is 3338210.

Medical Clinic is situated on Youth City Street, Building 27, East Villas, Mezzeh Damascus 7937 the hr person within this clinic is Dr Al-Hussein Saied Moshaaoeh. The clinic offers strategy to general medicine related issues.

Worldwide Medical & Digestive Clinic available on Salhia Street, Cinema Amir Building operates by Dr M Jaber is and offers strategy to digestive along with other stomach related illnesses.