Better Ways to Keep Yourself Safe as a Pedestrian on Busy Roads

As a pedestrian on busy roads, you lack the protection of a metal frame that vehicles offer to drivers and safety gear that motorcycle and bike riders wear. You really have to watch out while walking through the neighborhood or downtown as you run errands, since according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least one pedestrian is killed every two hours from injuries from a vehicular accident. You’ll, therefore, want to ensure that every step you take while walking along busy roads is one towards safety by following these steps to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian.

  • Use a busy road’s designated pedestrian lane as much as possible.

Some sections of busy roads have white bars known as pedestrian lanes to help make commuting by foot a safer experience for everyone who prefers to walk rather than drive or ride a vehicle.

  • Ideally, most drivers give pedestrians their right of way after approaching a pedestrian lane, given that foot commuters don’t have any protection at all if they get hit by a passing vehicle.
  • So whenever you’re on a busy road, you should use its pedestrian lane if you have to cross to the other side, instead of playing Russian roulette with your life by crossing an unmarked section of the same road where pedestrians aren’t usually allowed.

  • Focus on your surroundings while walking.

Being a pedestrian might seem like too much of a chore to you at times, which is why you might have fiddled with your phone or listened to music while walking along a busy road.

  • However, distracting yourself as a pedestrian opens you up to greater risk of getting caught in an accident, most especially as you’ve let your guard down instead of being on the lookout for anything that can put you in harm’s way.
  • Thus, you should place your attention only on the busy road where you’re walking, and keep your phone in your pocket or leave your music at home.
  • Surround yourself with fellow pedestrians.

A busy road usually means one wherein there are dozens or even hundreds of pedestrians like you. Most pedestrian accidents usually involve only a single vehicle and foot commuter, so you should stick to walking along a busy road with your fellow pedestrians as much as possible to decrease your risk of getting caught in a mishap.

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a gym membership and buying yourself exercise equipment if you can simply walk along a busy road and get the same amount of exercise for free?

However, busy roads carry inherent risks to your safety, like being hit by a fast-approaching vehicle. Thus, you’ll want to safeguard yourself from experiencing that scenario by following the above-listed ways to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian on busy roads. But in case you’ve been on the receiving end of a pedestrian accident despite doing those tips, you should seek legal assistance from a lawyer who can help you in ensuring that you’ll be justly compensated for your injuries.