Chipped Teeth: How are they Repaired?

Even if the enamel is a very hard tissue, it can still break. Over time,   the enamel can weaken because of poor oral health which causes the teeth to easily chip. Chipped teeth can happen if you fall down, take a powerful blow to the face and bite down on any hard, solid things. If you are one of those people who have chipped teeth, you better visit your dentist now. The dental professional can help in repairing your problem teeth to ensure they do not cut your tongue or lips as well as impact how you look and eat.

Important Reminders before Visiting your Dentist

If your chipped teeth are causing you some pain, consider rinsing your mouth with salt water and take a pain medication. You can use paraffin wax or a sugar-free chewing gum to cover the jagged edge of your teeth to avoid getting hurt.

Repair Options for Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth is a common dental injury. How your dentist you will repair your chipped tooth will depend on the chip’s extent. An implant dentaire is not required for a chipped tooth but the procedures below can help repair it.

  • Dental veneers. These are made from composite or colored resin or colored porcelain. They are used to cover the entire front portion of the tooth in order to replace the chipped part. A dentist will fill the enamel first and create a tooth impression. After one or two weeks, the veneer and cement will be fitted by the dentist into place. The dentist will apply a liquid into the tooth for roughening. Also, he will apply special cement to keep the tooth from failing off or moving. Finally, he will make use of a special light for quick hardening of the cement.
  • Dental Filling. This option if meant for small chips and chips at the back of the mouth. In case of a simple chip, the dentist will just file the tooth in order to make it smooth again. If the chip takes place at a front tooth, the dentist will pick the bonding procedure. This simple procedure doesn’t require using an agent that will numb the mouth unless the tooth is decaying.

  • Root Canal. This is the procedure to be used if the chip is serious enough to already damage the pulp, the part of the tooth which has the blood vessels and nerves. Once exposed, the pulp becomes sensitive to bacterial infections which may cause it to die. Failing to get it removed right away can infect the tooth that will then require immediate extraction.