Curing white patches or curing people?

There are different types of illusions about the white patches. People consider it as an incurable disease, while according to doctors, it is a cosmetic problem and its treatment is quite possible. It is an auto-immune disorder, in which the immune system of the body starts harming the immune system. In this, the melanocytes stop its working, thereby creating white spots on the different areas of the body.

To which doctor should consult?

Vitiligo Expert is also dermatologists or skin specialist, but their treatment of white stains is much higher. It can also be understood that every Vitiligo Expert skin is specialist, but every skin specialist might not be a Vitiligo Expert.

What is the treatment?

Two types of medicines are given for the treatment of white patches: preventing white patches and bringing back skin color. Among them, two different types of medicines are given for eating and applying.

  • Preventive medicines

White spots are not spread, eating medicines are provided, which are special for Mini Steroid Pulse, Levamisole, and Azathioprine etc. Mini Steroids Pulse can be weight gain and other side effects so it is better not to take it.

  • Color retractable drugs

Both the food and therapeutic drugs are given to bring back the color of the skin. Among these are Tacrolimus, Epipheral Fibroblast Growth Factor, Calcineurin Inhibitor Ointment, Weak Cortico Steroid Cream, Organ Placental Extract Cream, e.t.c.

  • Therapy

Phototherapy is also given for this. Under this, sunlight rays (UVA) and narrowband (UVB) are used to normalize skin color. The side effect of this therapy is that if you do not take caution while doing it then the skin can be black. Examiner laser is also effective.

  • Surgery

Several types of surgery are also done to normalize skin color. These are processors of the same day and they do not have any side effects, but it is only right to stop them from spreading the disease. Surgery also works in places where there are bones without flesh and there is less effect of medicines (e.g. on the fingers).

  • Homeopathy

Homeopathy is also considered to be a good treatment for white patches, but the treatment usually takes between 2 and 3 years. According to the extent of the effect of the initial 6 months, according to the time of treatment it is estimated. Medicines are given to moderate the immune system in homeopathy. Due to the cause of the disease, medicines are given accordingly.

Over the period of time, several therapies and treatments are discovered and these innovations also include the hair fall solutions and hair fall treatments.

Science is working towards figuring out other alternatives for the treatment of major issues that we face in our lives.