Dark Circles – The Most Common Skin Problem

Dark circles are the dark colour blemishes around the eyes. We all might know that our skin around the eye is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body. As your skin around the eye is soft blood vessels can be seen through the area of the skin leading to the appearances of those dark circles.

Causes of it:

Aging, sun exposures, stress in daily life, poor sleeping habits and working in our computer for long time causes dark circles. Dark circles can also be formed due to hereditary causes.

The development of any dark circles is mainly formed due to the capillary action. The capillaries form so small network that the blood vessels squeeze in a thin linear fashion in order to supply blood. The enzymes in the body break down the RBC (Red Blood Cell) along with the haemoglobin.

The haemoglobin in turn gives the red pigment of the blood, but the components which remain after the breakdown of haemoglobin is blue or black in colour. This is the thing that gives your eye an under dark circle.

Wonder to the under eye:

Dark circles take a little longer time to go than any other scars. Use of an under eye can create wonderful and miraculous results. It can be helpful in reducing the dark color around the skin as it contains strong antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C,E and A. These components work together and give a the under eye a smooth, clean and clear texture

The features of the under eye cream

  • Fades the dark pigmentation around the sensitive area around the eyes
  • Helps in improving of the skin elasticity around the eyes
  • Helps in improving the firmness and tightness of the skin
  • Helps in minimising the fine lines and the laugh lines formed around the eyes
  • Combats the anti aging wrinkles around the eyes
  • Moisturizes the area around the eyes
  • Reduces the puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduces the sunken eye effect
  • Thus, eyes will look fresh and brighter and you will get a good result.
  • Choosing of the cream-
  • Medicines which causes the dilation of the skin can cause dark circle, so you have to choose the best under eye cream

While selecting an under eye cream you can go for the listed ingredients:

Antioxidants: These components are the recent times golden medications. The antioxidants along with vitamins E, A and C work on the under eye area nicely to reduce the pigmentation around the eyes.


 You can use concealer before during make-up around your eyes to cover up the dark circles. It covers up the dark circles nicely and cannot be seen. Look beautiful!