Delayed Internal Injuries: Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When a vehicular accident happens, people inside the involved cars may show immediate and obvious signs of injury such as bleeding, while some, unfortunately, encounter a wrongful death on the spot. While this is common, others may not also present signs of injury instantly. This is where the danger starts.

We may brush off an accident that happened thinking that we’re not displaying any signs of injury and are perfectly alright. Well, wrong! If you were involved in a collision that left a significant impact on your body, such as in most cases of vehicular accidents, it is possible that you’re suffering from internal injuries. Delayed internal injuries are considered more dangerous than external ones or those that can be seen by the naked eye.

To keep track of your health after an accident, don’t ignore the following signs when they present themselves as they may indicate an internal injury.

Persistent Headache And Dizziness

Although most of the time, headaches are related to the stress you experience, a persistent headache may indicate a more serious injury following an accident. Your headache may be caused by brain injuries such as concussions and hemorrhage and blood clots. Injuries like these may be present long after the event.

Another condition to watch out for that causes persistent headaches and dizziness is brain traumatic injury. Such injury is possible if you hit your head with or on something hard violently in an accident. The strong blow may damage your skull and eventually the soft tissues of your brain. Even though you may be fine just after the accident, it’s safer to get medical attention to discover internal injuries.

Abdominal Pain Or Swelling

Pain and swelling in your abdomen following an accident is another sign that you need to be wary of. In this case, internal bleeding is possible, and it can turn into a life-threatening condition if left unattended.

Back Pain

Hours or even days after an accident, you may experience back pain. Don’t ignore a simple back pain as this may be a sign of a more serious condition like spinal injury, herniated disc, or whiplash. Back pain may be accompanied by tingling or numbing sensation, which may indicate injury to the nerves.

Numbness Or Loss Of Sensation

Numbness that can’t be explained and surfaces after an accident may suggest an injury to your spinal cord or nerve. While some peripheral injuries get better on their own, others may progress to a more severe condition and even permanent damage.

 Vision And Hearing Problems

If you start to have vision and hearing problems after an accident, it’s best to seek medical attention. Blurred or double vision and tinnitus that go on for hours and don’t go away may indicate nerve and brain injuries.

Mental Distress And Health Problems

Experiencing a severe accident may be emotionally troubling to victims. Emotional distress becomes evident, which may indicate Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), brain injury, and anxiety. Mental distress may also be accompanied by changes in the person’s cognitive ability and personality. Some common signs of emotional distress include:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Trouble sleeping and presence of nightmares
  • Memory loss
  • Panic attacks
  • Appetite changes
  • Problems with concentration

Getting involved in a vehicular crash may leave you injured even if no apparent sign is witnessed right after the accident. Aside from physical injuries and emotional implications, an accident also has legal repercussions. Find out more about these when you get in touch with an expert personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Randolph Rice.