Does Somatropin-191 aa Cause Harm To The Body Of Its Users

For bodybuilders who are looking for growth hormone supplements, Somatropin- 191 aa proves to be the best for them. Not many of them are aware of it and how it impacts the body of an athlete or bodybuilder. Some people think that it causes side effects to a person. Before arriving at any conclusion, it is important to understand it and its working on the body.

What is Somatropin- 191 aa?

It is a laboratory manufactured form of HGH that contains a chain of one hundred and ninety-one amino acids. Somatropin- 191 aa has been found to be very effective in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions that involve children with following health issues:

  • Short stature
  • Noonan, Prader-Willi or Turner syndrome
  • Chronic kidney failure

Working of Somatropin on the body

Somatropin is a completely safe and legal supplement that enhances the production of HGH in the body. This supplement is designed to accelerate muscle growth in the body. Faster, and leaner growth of muscles is the result of the stimulation of pituitary gland of the body. This helps is releasing more amount of HGH in the body. Regular consumption of HGH helps in promotion of anabolic growth and aids in burning fat from the body.

What are the reasons that can cause Somatropin to harm to the body?

In medical cases, there are several brands that sell Somatropin- 191 aa manufactured by pharma companies all over the world. The chances of obtaining inferior quality or wrong combination of ingredients used in making supplement that are sold as real HGH.

Such type of cases is seen in case of underground labs. To save from the harm caused due to consumption of such contaminated and poor-quality products, one should know the difference between pharmaceutical grade HGH supplements and the ones found on black market.

Another reason for getting side effects from Somatropin- 191 aa consumption is using it without any deficiency of HGH hormone in the body. Excess of growth hormone level enhances the chances of its side effects, but also cause life-threatening reactions. Due to this reason, bodybuilders are advised to consume it with caution.


Somatropin- 191 aa is one of those popular and effective forms that has been rated as one of the best among those supplements. Taking it legally and in the right dosage under the supervision of experienced physician would get you the best results without any harm.