Eye Injuries and What You Can Do to Restore Your Eyes’ Health

You may have gotten tired of wearing eyeglasses all the time which led you to undergo laser eye surgery, but the surgeon who performed it on you had ruined the procedure itself. Or a vehicular accident that you got caught in had injured your eyes after shards of glass from your vehicle’s windshield, and windows flew and hit them. Or your employer at your construction stint failed to provide you with protective goggles for use while welding which then led to sparks from it getting into your eyes. Whatever caused your eye injuries to occur, you can still restore your eyes’ health by doing the following:

  • Don’t rub your eyes.

You might have been experiencing some itching along your eyes after you’ve had your eye injuries treated. However, as much as you’re tempted to rub your eyes, you shouldn’t do it at all to avoid injuring them once again.

  • Apply antibiotic drops or ointment to your eyes.

Eye injuries may cause bacteria around your eyes to blind you. To avoid the risk of infection, you should squeeze a few drops of antibiotic eye solution or carefully apply antibiotic ointment to your eyes and gently close them for a couple of minutes.

  • Give your eyes some rest.

After you weren’t able to use your eyes that got injured, you may have been wanting to get them working once again by reading your favorite book, watching TV, or driving yourself back to the hospital where you’ve had them treated.

  • But as you’re still recovering from your eye injuries, you wouldn’t want to exert too much strain on them.
  • You would want to read your favorite book some other time or listen to the radio for the time being so that your eyes can get some much-needed rest.
  • As driving requires visual focus as well, you’ll have to ask somebody else to drive for you in the meantime.
  • Avoid staring directly into bright lights

Your eyes and bright light don’t make a good combination at all, most especially when you’ve got to recover from your eye injuries.

  • When going outdoors, you should wear sunglasses and a cap to shield your eyes from the bright light of the sun.
  • You should also have dimmer switches installed in your house’s lighting system that you can adjust how much indoor light your eyes can take thus far.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reported that more than two million eye injuries happen in the United States each year. Being a part of that said statistic is not good for you at all, most especially as your eyes help you see everything around you, and getting blind can set you back from doing day-to-day activities that require your sense of sight. But as you may already be recovering from your eye injuries, you should start doing the above-listed things that can help you get your eyes’ health back to normal. Aside from that, you may also want to contact a lawyer so that you can earn your rightful compensation from whoever caused your eye injuries to happen to you.