Four Awesome Gift Ideas for a Friend with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for both patients and their families. During this difficult time, what they need is support and love from people they know. If you have a friend with cancer, there are many things you can do for him or her to show your compassion and love. Cleaning and cooking for them is one thing. But you can also give them a chemotherapy present they can use. If you are planning to give something to a dear friend who is living with cancer, here are some great gift ideas you can consider:

Give your Friend a Headwear

Cancer patients tend to lose hair during chemotherapy. This is usually a part of their cancer journey and it can be frustrating for them to determine how to deal with it. Many of them do not like wigs because of reasons like comfort and confidence. So if your friend prefers something else for his or her situation, then consider a headwear. Buy some in various sizes and colors so your friend can have options to change styles from time to time.

Do Some Household Chores for your Friend

Being able to cook, clean and do the laundry for a friend with cancer is quite a fulfilling endeavor. These tasks may be difficult for your friend to do as he or she goes through chemotherapy. You can either do the tasks yourself or pay a few months of cleaning services for your friend.  You can also get in touch with organizations that help families who deal with a critical disease. They have volunteers who can cut, pull weeks or walk dogs for your friend.

Consider Giving a Treatment Planner

A treatment planner can help your friend with cancer organization some things that come his or her way. Having one provides them something to refer to when it comes to knowing what to expect and how he or she should prepare for the treatment. A lot of cancer treatment planners come contains pieces of advice for avoiding mistakes and caring for one’s self.  These are extra bonuses that can at least lessen the daily struggles of the patient.

Think about Books and Movies

If you choose these gifts, focus on the fun ones and those that are easy to comprehend. Movies and books with stories that can help the reader smile promote healing. Just make sure you don’t give cancer books or CDs because these can only make their already uneasy feeling worse.  Look for something that is purely entertaining.