How are our teeth important?

We may try to fool ourselves that the looks are not important. But to be frank, they are. The first impression matters not only in the chase after “the love of your life”, but also in regular meetings or introduction, like job interviews. The first obstacle we have to face is human’s eye.

A beautiful smile—a key to success?

Our whole image is our business card. No matter the skills, knowledge or experience, the first thing people take into account is our body. From the top to the bottom and ending again with the face. According to Albert Mehrabian, a former professor of psychology at the university in California, we perceive messages from another person mainly through their body language (55%), facial expressions (38%) and then through their words (7%). Even though his research may be a little outdated, it still gives something to think about. We really do think with our eyes first, even unintentionally.

It may seem ridiculous that our decision whether we like someone or not is partially determined by his/hers demeanour, including smile, yet that is the reality. A nice smile creates an illusion of confidence and self-awareness of the “owner”. We immediately want to hear what he/she is saying. We even are more eager to believe in their every word.

How to take care of your teeth?

There are many ways to maintain healthy teeth if they are in good shape. One of them is to deliver proper amount of calcium to your organism. This element supports growth and strength of all bones, including teeth. A good source of calcium are all dairy products, meat and fish. Another way of keeping your teeth healthy is to brush them regularly and have regular visits to your favourite dentist.

What if it is not enough?

Unfortunately, there are also many self-sacrifices. Candies, chocolate and all sweets impoverish the condition of our teeth, and so does smoking cigarettes. Sometimes it is impossible to let go of your favourite snacks. Sometimes, even though you have a healthy diet, your teeth need professional dental care. Luckily, there is whitening, fillings and many surgeries, that help to get your teeth back in shape.

Another encouragement

Some companies, research groups and clinics even offer not only professional dental care but also encourage you with touristic adventures (dental tourism). You can combine taking care of your perfect smile and visiting a different city, or even a country, at the same time.