How Can You Tame Excessive Gas? Some Tips

Various reasons are responsible for the gas and bloating formation. It can be associated with your improper food habits, physical condition, and the present psychological situation that is mainly linked with stress and anxiety. The problem of gas can be embarrassing in the presence of many people around. Moreover, it is necessary to taming the gas and bloating problem otherwise, in the long run, you’ll face more difficulty as it will constantly keep pressurizing your complete digestive system.

Here, some tips are shared that will help you in taming excessive gas—

Avoid gas-producing food

There are some foods that produce excessive gas. It’s not that green vegetables are always good for your health. Some of the organic foods cause terrible gas as well as bloating problems. Mainly, the elements within and the fertilizers that are used in yielding the vegetables are responsible for producing gas. Avoid cauliflower, radish, cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, arugula, turnips, kale and so on. If you eat raw kale as salad, then it’s high time to avoid it. Add more cucumber, melons, lemons, and fruits instead of taking the raw vegetables or even the marinated ones to reduce gas problems.

Don’t drink water or anything before meals

Though today many men and women are practicing to drink a glass full of water before their meals to reduce their appetite to lose weight but this practice may reduce the acids which are needed for the digestion of food. If you’re suffering from gas and bloating, don’t drink water before meals. If you have a habit of drinking water, juice or anything else during meals or breakfast, avoid it to generate the sufficient acids produced by the stomach for digestion.

Instead of gulping, chew food and drink slowly

If you’re a fast eater or drinker, then it’s high time to change your habit. Instead of rushing forward to finishing the platter, you should take small bites and chew your food before gulping it. It is necessary to chew food and eat slowly. It helps in increased digestion and cure gas problems as well as bloating.

Try supplements

Apart from consulting doctors for digestive treatments, you can also trust on supplements such as activated charcoal in the form of pills and liquids will reduce excessive gas in your stomach. This will also be beneficial for clearing your bowels and reduce bloating.

These are some useful ways of taming excessive gas problems.