How Effective Are The Most Popular Home Tooth Whitening Remedies

If you’re looking for ways to whiten your teeth you’d have undoubtedly come across a lot of different home remedies. Some of these remedies are really very popular, and so as much as you may be skeptical – it would be good to know more.

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular home remedies for whitening teeth – as well as whether or not they’re really effective:

  • Baking soda

Applying baking soda to clean your teeth is supposed to whiten them, but it should be noted that there is no evidence that it directly whitens the teeth. Instead, baking soda in toothpaste has been shown to help clean and remove more plaque from the teeth and can thus remove stains and prevent discoloration in that way.

  • Coconut oil pulling

Swishing around coconut oil in your teeth is an old Indian folk remedy that has gained popularity recently as a teeth whitening method. It has been proven to be safe, and has several benefits including reducing bacteria in the mouth. Unfortunately there is no evidence it directly whitens teeth as of yet.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

As a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide is often used in teeth whitening products and its effectiveness varies depending on its concentration. Although it has been proven to whiten teeth, it is important not to use too high a concentration or there could be side effects. At times it is mixed with baking soda and used when brushing, or applied directly on the teeth in bleaching strips.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Although using apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash is a time-honored tradition, its effects are mixed. On one hand studies have shown that it can help to whiten teeth, but on the other it will also gradually erode the enamel and cause damage while also exposing the yellow dentin. In short this is one home remedy that should not be used to often.

  • Strawberries

Considering strawberries have been known to leave stains, they may not be the most obvious choice for teeth whitening. To be honest using strawberries is a relatively new trend, and it is often applied by mixing with baking soda and brushing so the staining effects are minimal. So far there are no concrete studies that back up its effectiveness however, or suggest that it is any better than brushing with baking soda alone.

As you can see most home remedies offer mixed results, but (with a few exceptions) are generally harmless. In other words you should feel free to pursue them, and see for yourself just how effective they appear to be on your teeth.

If you want to be safe you should consult your Swindon dentist before you attempt any of the home remedies listed above. Make sure you ask for their advice, and are aware of any potential side effects. More importantly you may want to ask them for other teeth whitening treatments that are available, as the results could be much better.