How to Choose a Great Home Blood Pressure Monitor

There are various things that can be measured in order to assess personal health. Blood pressure is definitely among the most important ones. If you have high blood pressure the risk for ending up with a stroke or a heart attack go up. At the same time, this can damage your kidneys, eyes and brain.

Fortunately, you can always get a blood pressure monitor for home use. The problem is that the demand is quite high at the moment, so numerous devices appeared on the market. Just as you could easily imagine, some are a lot better than other.

Having a home blood pressure monitor to use will surely encourage you to stay on track and keep taking medications. This is especially the case in the event that you see that blood pressure is improving. When the doctor recommends it, be sure that you look for the best monitor you can afford and do use it!

Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor

Online merchants and drug stores now sell various different home blood pressure monitors. The typical price range is between $40 and $100. Talk with the health insurance provider to see if some of the costs can be covered by your current health insurance. Besides this, when you choose your monitor, think about the following tips:

  • Go for a blood pressure monitor that goes around the upper arm area. The finger and wrist blood pressure monitors are not actually precise.
  • Always check the cuff. It has to fit the arm. When it is too small or too big, reading cannot be accurate.
  • Check for the presence of digital readout, one that is bright and large enough for the user to clearly see.
  • Choose automated blood pressure monitors that have self-inflating cuffs.

Obviously, many other interesting features can be mentioned, like a cord that would be added to the smartphone to easily transfer readings you get to a connected app. This usually creates progress gaps. There are even some devices that are capable of sending your readings straight to the phone through a wireless connection.

Tips for When You Use the Home Blood Pressure Monitor

One thing that you are interested in is making sure that the reading is as accurate as possible. In order to do this, you need the best possible blood pressure monitor you can use at home, of course, but there are also other things that you should consider. For instance, it is always a necessity to avoid alcoholic or caffeinated beverages for half an hour before you test your blood pressure. The same goes for smoking.

Before you start using the device, take a 5 minutes break on a chair. Support the arm so that the elbow is at the same level as the heart and make sure the sleeves are pushed out of the way. The cuff should only be used over bare skin. Never talk as the measurements are taken.

Keep in mind that every home blood pressure monitor has some specific instructions that you have to respect during use. Read them and be sure that you respect what is written.