Identifying If You Have a Drinking Problem  

In today’s culture, it’s socially acceptable to drink, sometimes even in excess. However, sometimes drinking becomes more than just enjoying a few cocktails after work each day. Certain signs can help you identify if you’re drinking habits are normal or if you could possibly benefit from a Florida alcohol treatment center.

Taking note of certain behaviors can help you identify whether or not you have a drinking problem. For one, have you ever questioned if you drank too much? Oftentimes, a sign of alcohol abuse is questioning your own drinking habits. You might want to take into consideration if anybody else has ever mentioned they thought you had an issue with alcohol or thought you should take it easy.

You should think back to any time you wanted to quit drinking. Think about how long you lasted when you tried to quit. Stopping for a week or even a few weeks at a time isn’t enough. If you’ve tried to quit and can’t make a long-term commitment, you may have an alcohol problem. Sometimes, it’s helpful to change what you’re drinking. If you find yourself drinking more to compensate if you switched from hard liquor to wine, it could be a sign you’re not in control of your drinking habits.

While having a few drinks after work is normal for a lot of people, it’s usually a sign of a problem if you wake up in the morning and feel the urge to drink. Sneaking drinks when no one else is looking is oftentimes a secretive behavior associated with a drinking problem, especially if you drank because you weren’t sure if there would be enough available later.

If you get in trouble when drinking, it could be a sign you have a problem, especially if you continue to drink despite the problems. For instance, if you’ve gotten into fights or legal trouble over your drinking and still continue to do it, it could be a sign your drinking is a bit out of control. Typically, people don’t want to suffer legal consequences, so they quit doing what led them there. Think about your attendance at work or school and take into consideration if you’ve ever missed because you were hung over, were drunk or planned on getting drunk.

Was there ever a time recently that you promised yourself you wouldn’t drink at all at an event, yet you ended up getting drunk. Think about when you drink. Do you only drink to get drunk or is most of your drinking just enjoying a few beers with friends? Take note if, and how frequently, you experience blackouts from drinking.

If you could relate to numerous aspects of this piece, you might have a drinking problem. You don’t have to face it alone though because a Florida alcohol treatment center can assist.