Improve your Running Performance with Effective Steroids

Normally we see that steroids are associated with activities like weightlifting and bodybuilding. But some steroids are also considered to be good for running. Some help to improve your speed while others help to improve your endurance. Which steroid would be suitable for you and in what dose depends on the goal you have set. Another important thing is, in order to achieve the best results you need to also combine the steroid with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

The experiment

An experiment was conducted with rats to see whether steroids are able to enhance the running performance by determining a particular distance. Forty Long-Evans male rats were divided into two groups. One was the sedentary group while the other was the exercising group that was caged on a particularly designed running wheel where the rats could run. After about 4 weeks, both the groups were again subdivided into two more groups. One group in each segment was treated with 0.5mg Durabolin while the other with 0.5mg saline. After a period of 8 weeks, it was noticed, both the exercising groups covered the same distance. The research says, there was an improved runners endurance in rats in the exercising group which had received the steroid. In the endurance test, they ran 41% longer compared to the exercising group that had received saline. Gradually the running speed of the former group raised by 29%. So, this experiment with rats proved that steroids help to improve the submaximal performance while running.

Tips for runners

If you are serious about improving your running speed then there are certain tips that you should keep in mind. Runners should try and avoid steroids like Testosterone Propionate as it can lead to water retention in your body and thus weaken the blood vessels and increases the risk. If you want to avoid muscle cramps caused by depletion of potassium, then you take potassium supplements to make up for the same. Also, certain food items like raisins, oranges and bananas that contain a high level of potassium should be included in your diet. Some food items like carbonated drinks, fries, chips, alcohol and milk full of fat or yogurt should be entirely avoided. Intake of caffeine should be restricted as too much of it can prove to be harmful to your health.

Steroids to improve your running performance

When your concern is to improve the running speed and endurance, then you should strictly go for the steroids that will help you to boost the same. It has been already proved that there has been an improved runners endurance in rats when treated with steroids. Mentioned below are two of the steroids that top the list:

  • Winstrol–Winstrol or Stanozololis popular amongst the runners as it is known to improve your running speed and to help in recovering the damaged muscle tissues. Since it has a short half–life, the steroid stays in the body for very less time and thus the chances of you getting caught by the sports authorities is less. It also has very few androgenic affects.
  • Anavar–Due to its mild properties, it is considered highly effective to increase the running stamina in women. It works great when you target a medium distance.

Certain bulking steroids also prove to be useful for runners who need fast development of muscles to enhance their speed.