Phone Protection Tips in the Age of Phone Dependence

Today, it is impossible to live without a smartphone. In fact, there are new models constantly released. There are better and more useful features available each time a new model comes out. However, despite these changes in terms of specs, the radiation problem is yet to be addressed.

Phones emit radiation and it can harm us. With the constant use of cell phones, you might develop certain illnesses. Several studies have already linked the use of these phones with the development of medical problems.

Since you can’t just throw your phone away, the best thing to do is protect yourself against the harmful radiation. Here are some tips to consider if you want to avoid radiation without letting go of your phone.

  1. Don’t sleep next to your phone

Just because you are not using your phone does not mean the radiation is no longer present. Your phone can still continue emitting radiation and you may still be harmed by it. You need to keep it away from you while you are asleep. It also does not help if you place the phone in your pocket. Keep it in your bag or use a protective case.

  1. Avoid using your phone when the battery is almost discharged

This is the time when your phone emits the most radiation. You will feel that your phone becomes a lot hotter. This is a sign that it is no longer safe to use. Therefore, you should stop using it or charge it for a while before using it again.

  1. Use EMF protection devices

There are EMF protection devices available. EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and this is the type of radiation that harms you the most if you use your phone. If you are protected against the use of these devices, you will feel safer. The devices have the ability to avoid letting the radiation contact your skin. You can check out more information about these devices at

There are many ways for you to stay protected. You just have to be conscious of your actions. You also have to make sure that you carry the protection devices with you all the time. Phones are not necessarily an old technology. Therefore, it’s impossible to conclusively say that just because you have not suffered any bad effects yet, you will never suffer from them ever.

Besides, there is nothing wrong in protecting yourself when using these devices. In the end, it is better to be safe than sorry. Since you can easily access protection against the harmful radiation, this does not have to be a big deal. You can simply go online and start looking for the protection device you are most comfortable with.

Image via (nenetus)