Read These Things Before You Look For hCG Supplements!

If you are trying to lose weight, you will find a whole range of diet plans. Where does the hCG diet fit in? Does it work? What’s hCG anyway? In this post, we have answered the questions that need your attention, especially if you are interested in using this diet plan for weight loss.

What’s hCG?

hCG is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy. A normal urine pregnancy test is done to find the level of hCG in the body, so as to determine if a woman is pregnant. In the medical world, hCG is used in form of drops and injections to treat certain infertility conditions. However, in recent times, a lot has been written about the use of hCG for weight loss, and some people have claimed miraculous results. While there is little scientific support or research related to use of hCG for weight loss, a few people have lost more than 30 pounds in a month.


List of dos and don’ts

The hCG diet plan is not for everyone. The diet allows the person to have around 500 calories per day, divided into two meals. You can have a slice of lean protein, which can be white fish, lobster or chicken, along with a part of veggies and one part of fruit. You can also include a slice of Melba toast or a breadstick. Of course, you need hCG supplements. There are two kinds of hCG supplements in the market. The first one is prescription based, which is highly expensive but extremely effective for initial weight loss. The second is called homeopathic hCG, which can be purchased ‘over the counter’ and is more useful for targeting fat in hard parts of the body. You can find it here or on many online stores. What you will eventually use depends on your fitness goals, budgets and other concerns.

Things to note

While a number of hCG supplements are sold online, most of them don’t contain real hCG, because it’s expensive. Also, with any form of dieting, you must focus on your exercise regimen, especially if you are aiming at long term weight loss. Always buy hCG supplements from the right sellers online, and make sure to check the dosage instructions. Some people prefer prescription hCG drops over injections for obvious reasons. The products must be genuine for getting the right results.

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