Red Flags of an Unsafe Work Environment

Worker safety and wellness are a major issue in the business industry. Every year, thousands of cases of injuries and death related to work are being reported all over the US. While much of work-related stress comes in the form of professional issues such as promotion, pay, and position, another factor that may worry employees is the safety of the workplace.

A safe working environment contributes to employee productivity and effectiveness, but if the workplace turns into something dangerous, what could be the effect? Yes, more injuries, complaints, and legal charges against the management.

To avoid harm in the workplace and be able to report any unsafe practices and situations, be aware of these red flags that scream “dangerous.”

Lack Of Rules

While it is impossible for a business to have no rules at all, many companies have a lacking or unstable set of rules. Any organization should have a manual or handbook of rules and regulations as well as company procedures and processes, and they should be accessible at all. The absence of a handbook might indicate disorganization and lack of consideration for safety. In any case, lack of rules is definitely a red flag to watch out for.

Poor Communication

In any relationship, communication is vital for maintaining harmony and teamwork. In businesses, particularly in factories and kitchens, communication is essential to keep the work going as expected. Poor communication is an ingredient of mistakes and accidents. It also inhibits employees to report any errors and system issues to the management.

Non-existent Orientation And Training 

If you’re a newly hired employee and you notice that there is no orientation or training provided, you might be in an unsafe working environment. Orientation is essential to introduce to new hires the rules and regulations and procedures of the business and basically how the organization works. Training is equally important as even with years of experience, the equipment used in your former job might not be the same in your new position. Older employees also need training from time to time to make sure their knowledge and skills are updated. Without these, the working atmosphere and environment can be stressful and unsafe for employees.

No Warning Signs On Display

Warning signs should be clearly displayed for obvious reasons. No matter how alert or safety-advocate an employee is, there can be times when a reminder is needed. Simple warning posters such as one saying a helmet or gloves are necessary in a certain area can mean a more safe workplace. Without such signs, you can expect an environment that’s more prone to accidents.

Frequent Injuries And Illnesses

Employees may be afflicted with an illness or may suffer from injury in the workplace; however, getting sick and injured due to work-related issues frequently is a sure sign of safety hazards. It can be that air quality is bad, or chemicals are not properly stored or disposed of and that’s why employees get respiratory diseases and allergies often, or equipment and machines used aren’t maintained regularly and have missing parts, causing accidents and injuries. It is also possible that employees get sick because of stressful and toxic work culture.

Work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses are very common, so employees should be alert and aware of them. In a case like this, the employer may be held liable for any injuries in the workplace. If you’ve noticed any employment issues that need to be addressed legally, get in touch with an expert lawyer like the ones at Weisblatt Law Firm today.