Should you store medicines in a refrigerator?

Usually we don’t put in too much thought over where we should store our medicines. We tend to store it here and there and we are most careless about where we are storing our medicines. We just throw them at some place and assume that we have taken good care of them. However, when the label on the medicine says ‘refrigerator’, they actually refer to an ideal portable medical refrigerator which maintains a certain range of temperature. In fact, they should be stored at a temperature between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not the case in reality. Let’s check out few professional tips for keeping medicines cool within the best refrigerator setting.

Tip #1: Make sure you keep it at the center of the fridge

If you consider the butter compartment of the fridge, this is indeed practical for storing smaller things like insulin cartridges. Nevertheless, it is considered to be the warmest portion of a refrigerator and the temperature there is few degrees more than 8 degrees Celsius. Hence, this temperature can definitely make a big difference in case medicines are stored for a very long time. If you keep the medicines at the back of the fridge, this can freeze them.

Tip #2: Store them in airtight containers

Keep the medicines within their package and choose a container that has got an airtight lid to safeguard from temperature fluctuations. The fridge has the power of cooling in cycle and hence there is a constant ebb and flow of temperature deep down inside. It depends on the quality of your refrigerator as the minimum temperature and maximum temperature can vary even when the door of the fridge remains closed. When you open the fridge for even a minute, this leads to a sudden rise in the temperature.

Tip #3: Keep your medicines safe throughout the year

During seasonal changes, make sure you keep a close watch on the fridge and its temperature so that you’re informed when you have to adjust few things. Whenever it is humid and warm outside, make sure you’re extra careful about adjusting the temperature. If you open a fridge during a hot and humid summer day, this can have an adverse impact on the cooling cycle inside the fridge.

#4: Store medicines in another fridge

In case you’ve got more than one refrigerator, you can store the medicines in the one that is less often opened. The key is less fluctuations of temperature. If you keep your medicines inside a fridge which is not often opened, they will stay at a better state.

When you take proper care of your medicines and you remain aware of the tips mentioned above, it is not too tough to store medicines in a practical and safe way. So, the next time you head back from the medicine store, make sure you wait and consider what you’re taking back and how you’re planning to store them inside a refrigerator.