Six Ways Patients can Benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) analyzes the relationship between a person’s behavior, feelings and thoughts. In this therapy, patients and their therapists work together to heal. This therapy has been proven effective in treating various mental disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety disorders, addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. Here’s how patients can benefit from this type of therapy:

Get a Support Network

CBT ensures that the patient has a network of supportive individuals who are willing to help the recovering person get healed from their mental disorders. The patients know they have people to turn to while they work through their issues.

Develop Positive Thoughts

As a person develops a mental disorder, they will have automatic negative thoughts that tend to take over their lives. The therapy teaches them effective ways to turn these thoughts into positive and realistic ones.

Experienced an Increased Self-Esteem

A lot of those who have mental disorders have low-esteem. Cognitive behavioral therapy from calabasas child psychology lets them build self-esteem by concentrating on issues and working towards the solution. After finding solutions, they will learn to believe in themselves more and conquer their disorder.

Improve their Ability to Communicate

People with depression, social anxiety and addiction will find it difficult to maintain their relationships with others. CBT helps them learn ways to communicate their feelings to others without feeling shame or anger.

Manage their Anger

Patients with mental disorders will normally find it difficult to manage their anger and direct their anger. They tend to feel shame and guilt which can easily turn into anger. CBT addresses the underlying problems which can overwhelm a person’s emotions. The therapy teaches patients methods for controlling emotional responses and guides them as they recognize what has caused their anger.

Improve their Ability to Cope

A lot of people develop mental disorders because of their inability to cope with stressful situations in their lives such as trauma or grief. CBT offers them avenues to deal with these situations. It teaches them to express themselves rather than keeping things in themselves.

Prevent a Relapse

A relapse is common to people who have mental disorders. The therapy offers them the tools they need to prevent this. As they have learned to determine their issues and how to cope with them, they will be able to recognize the thought patterns that can help them avoid.

Cognitive behavioral therapy doesn’t provide instant success. It takes time, hard work and support from the patients’ loved ones. However, it offers many benefits that make the effort worth it.