The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy  

Stem Cell Therapy has grown significantly in usage and popularity around the world in recent years, due primarily to the exciting possibilities that it holds for patients, doctors and the medical industry as a whole. While initially controversial when the practice of stem cell therapy—or similar prolotherapy treatments—were first being used, new research, advancements and proof through application that these treatments actually work wonders has allowed this field of medicine to grow dramatically. What’s most promising about the benefits of stem cell therapy NYC or anywhere in the world, is the promise of delivering relief for patients suffering from various ailments without the need for life-changing medications or surgeries. However, there are a number of other broader benefits for various common ailments that stem cell therapy can help or even cure as well, many of which are listed below.


These lingering injuries dog active people throughout their lives and not only lead to constant pain or discomfort, but can cut down on their physical activity, which leads to a more sedentary lifestyle and in turn, more health problems. Stem cell therapy NYC and other leading stem cell therapy facilities have been using Mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs, that allow new orthopedic tissues like muscle, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and adipose tissues to form in injured parts of the body. Injections of these bone marrow stem cells have been found to reduce chronic pain, heal lasting injuries and improve usage among patients, with no evidence of tissue overgrowth or tumor growth, according to studies so far.


While more research is needed in this specific area of stem cell therapy, more and more researchers and physicians in the field believe stem cells can help treat heart disease. Damaged heart and blood vessels appear to be able to be regenerated through the care injection of bone marrow stem cells, making it something that may be able to help fight one of the greatest common health problems out there.


Other studies have shown that stem cells help improve collagen production throughout the body, along with the growth of healthy new stem tissue at an incredibly fast rate. This allows surface injuries, like cuts, bruises and other abrasions to heal much more quickly than they would normally. Hair growth is also stimulated, allowing it to grow back to an area that may have received an injury more quickly.


Stem cells have been found to create new brain cells, which could be a secret to treating terrible diseases like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, or those who have suffered strokes. While more research is underway, the results are so far promising that stem cell therapy may be able to reverse these chronic, crippling illnesses.


Those with autoimmune disorders, like Type 1 diabetes or other inflammatory conditions, may find a new life through stem cell therapy as well. While a lot of research also needs to be done in this area of stem cell therapy, doctors hope cells that don’t cause a reaction by others in the body can be developed to be transplanted into people with these diseases.