The Benefits of Varifocals

If you have two lens prescriptions, you can benefit by choosing eyeglasses with varifocal lenses. Varifocal lenses, which are also called progressive lenses, are normally indicated for patients who need distance and reading lenses.

Varifocals Make It Easy to Drive and Read

The lenses are designed to gradually alter in strength from the top to bottom of each lens. Multiple focal points permit you to see focus points and distances through just one lens. Therefore, varifocals make it possible for the eyeglass wearer to use only one pair of glasses. You do not need to take one pair of eyeglasses off and switch to another pair. Again, you only need the one pair of eyeglasses.

Varifocals are not like bifocals, which feature a dividing line so you can look through the lower lens for reading. Therefore, varifocals are more aesthetically pleasing. These types of glasses can also conceal age-related presbyopia, which often affects people over 40. Most people over 40 who have presbyopia need to buy reading glasses to see.

Where You Can Find These Lenses for Sale

You can find these types of lenses when you visit an optical specialist such as David Paul Opticians. When you review the lenses up-close, you will discover their three regions. The distance zone is the upper part of each lens. This section is the distance viewing area.

The Intermediate and Distance Zones

The intermediate zone is made up of distance and reading areas – areas that are linked through a type of corridor. This corridor offers viewing for mid-range viewing. The near-reading zone is found at the bottom of the lenses, which makes it possible for the user to read things close-up.

You will find that eyeglasses that contain varifocal lenses are simple to use. Therefore, you will adapt to their use in a short period of time. When you look through the top of the lenses, you can see into the distance. When you read, you will gaze through the bottom part of the lenses.

Primary Features

The intermediate or mid-range zone is useful when you look at supermarket shelves or your car’s dashboard. You just need to elevate or lower your head slightly to focus. Whilst a number of varifocal lenses are featured in the marketplace, all of the share the following features:

  • Bigger distance viewing areas
  • A broader field of vision, also known as the corridor
  • Less peripheral distortion
  • Bigger reading viewing areas

The lenses are featured in almost all kinds of lens materials, designs, and coatings. You can select lenses that are high-index lenses as well as lenses that are polarised, or photochromic. Polycarbonate lenses are available as well.

As you can see, this type of lenswear is something you can “overlook” if you need glasses for both reading and driving. Take time today to explore your options online.