The Top Four Things to Avoid When Vaping

Vaping is a healthier, cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes. If you are thinking of making the switch, here are some mistakes to avoid making.

Choosing to pack in smoking traditional cigarettes and switch over to vaping is an incredibly health-conscious decision to make.

By making this change, you will avoid taking in the dangerous toxins that are found in cigarettes and improve your bank balance by reducing the amount you spend on smoking.

However, while the similarities between smoking and vaping generally make the switch an easy one to make, there are still a few differences which arehelpful to know.

To make the transition as simple as possible, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

If you are thinking of taking up vaping, or looking for an effective method to cut down on cigarettes, read on to discover four things to avoid when vaping e cig liquid.

Low quality vaping equipment

Nothing will ruin your vaping experience quite as quickly as bad quality equipment.

Purchasing cheap, badly-made equipment will inevitably result in it burning out or breaking within a few uses. A burnout will not only will result in the flavour of your liquid being ruined, but you will also spend excessive amounts on replacing various parts.

To avoid this, ensure that you are starting off with a good quality kit and selection of e-cig liquids. While this may have a higher initial cost, it will save time and money in the long run.

Dry hits

One of the most unpleasant sensations that you can experience when vaping, is a dry hit.

A dry hit refers to the burning feeling you may get at the back of your throat, and the awful taste that can occur when you try to inhale through a vape that doesn’t contain enough juice.

You can avoid this by checking the juice level in your tank before you take a hit, and leaving your coil to saturate for a few minutes after dripping. This will ensure that you are not attempting to vape with dry e cig coils.

Repetitive juice

While you may find a juice that you love and think that you could vape every day, this will never be the case.

Trying the same taste repeatedly will desensitize you to the flavour, eventually resulting in you being unable to taste the liquid, or even resenting the taste when you can. Along with this, you willbegin to crave other vape flavours.

Be sure to mix your juice flavour up every now and again, as this will help to avoid overdoing one taste, and keep you on track to ditching traditional cigarettes.

Forgetting to charge

While you may be prepared for a day of vaping, and your pen may be ready in every other possible way, forgetting to charge it will mean that you cannot use it at all.

Getting into a routine of plugging it in every night will help overcome this problem as there’s nothing worse than finding that your device is dead when you need it most.

Investing in a pen with a long-lasting battery will mean that you stay charged and ready to go throughout a busy day. This will mean you do not have to take a break and plug in at lunch time agreat option for those who are on the move.

Following these guidelines should see you through the first few tricky days of vaping, where you are getting-to-grips with the device. Before you know it, you’ll be creating clouds like a seasoned expert.