Top Questions About Laser Genesis Answered!

The use of laser therapy for skin treatments is not a new thing. However, Laser genesis is a step ahead in the genre and is one of the best non-invasive treatments for skin issues. Most clinics for age spot removal Memphis suggest the treatment for men and women alike. Here are some of the facts and other details that you want to know.

Is the procedure safe?

Laser genesis is one of the safest ways to reduce the signs of aging. Other skin treatments using laser may have some negative impact on the skin, but that’s not the case with Laser genesis. The treatment is often combined with facials and chemical peels. As the facial products work on the surface of the skin, the laser used helps in healing and treating the skin at a cellular level.

Do I need Laser genesis?

It depends on the skin issues you have. In most cases, Laser genesis is useful for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. It also works wonders for reducing facial redness and may help in reducing the size of pores. It removes spots and acne scarring and is known to be effective for the treatment of Rosacea.

What’s the procedure about?

Laser genesis uses a non-invasive laser technology, which works on the upper dermis of the skin. It promotes the growth of new cells and also aids the production of collagen. It can be used on other parts of the body, as well, including neck, chest and back. A typical session lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes. Right after the treatment, you may not see a significant difference in your face, but with every session done per month, the changes will be evident. Please note that the number of sessions required may vary, but in most cases, six sessions are considered to be enough.

Will there be pain?

No, Laser genesis doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. It is almost like visiting a spa, and there is no need for anesthetic agent. However, some patients may have redness on the face that doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. Also, if you feel a sense of tingling, it is absolutely normal and will reduce as the procedure is done.

If you need to know more on costs and other details, check online now to find a clinic near you. Also, check a few photos to know the procedure effects better.