Uncommon Reasons for People to Start Using Drugs or Alcohol

When people see or read about an addict, they often think the word “why.” There are some very common reasons such as stress or friends encourage them to use. There are also a lot more uncommon ones that still happen but you might not immediately think of them when you hear someone is an addict.

Music and Movies

Music songs and lyrics are very influential, especially to young people. Song lyrics and music that glamorizes drug use or even sometimes depicts it can cause someone to try that substance. Singers and musicians are admired for their wealth and fame, this makes people believe what they sing about or endorse.

This goes for actors as well. When an actor endorses by action or word a substance, substance abuse, or experimentation with drugs, people are more likely to perceive that drug experience as positive. When Breaking Bad was on there was a marked rise in meth use. This is just one example.


Like music and movies, advertisements have the same effect on people using drugs or alcohol. This is particularly true for alcohol and tobacco. When an advertisement depicts a person enjoying a substance on a beautiful beach or having fun with it at a club it influences people to use that substance. It is the point of the advertisement. It does not have to be true, it just has to look fun.

Living in a Rural Environment

Although it might sound strange, living in a rural environment is actually a relatively common cause for drug use. Part of the reason that California rehab centers are so busy in rural areas with marijuana and cocaine is both the depiction of these two drugs and the fact that there is not much else to do. Meth and heroin are large in the center of the country for the same lack of anything for people to engage in without using substances.


The need to escape is a major cause of addiction. If you are in a bad situation, the need to escape can make you escape chemically rather than physically. This often happens in cases of abuse, neglect, and poverty.

Social Acceptance

When society generally accepts something, it is a good bet that a lot of people will follow and use it. This is similar to peer pressure but the pressure is from all of society to use it. Many people follow along with what the rest of society does or they perceive the rest of society is doing.

Inability to Find the Right Rehab

Another cause of addiction is the lack of the right rehab center for your needs. If you cannot find a rehab that matches your treatment goals, you will not be able to recover and you might relapse.