Understanding What One Max Rep Actually Is

You may often come across people asking about your one rep max. This would be the common question you would be asked in most gyms when you would join the gym for the first time. A majority of people may not be able to answer that query, as they may not be ware about one rep max. In case, you were thinking about what exactly one rep max is, it would be best described as the maximum weight one could lift in a single repetition for a particular exercise. It would be the true test of your muscle strength. It would help you do it while maintaining a good form and for a good length of time. However, you may wonder why a weight trainer would be required to known about his one rep max and how he would be able to find out.

A valuable statistic

The one rep max would be a highly imperative statistic. It has been used both inside and outside the gym. It would be used for determining the performance of the athletes in weight lifting and power lifting competitions. It would be used inside the gym to acquire the requisite weight to lift in a set or rep, as a percentage of the single max rep for burning fat and building muscles. This would be specifically imperative when you are about to implement a new workout.

A good example would be the squat exercise. In case, you could squat  with a 300-pound barbell with a good form, it would become your one rep max for the squat exercise. However, when you would be able to boost your max for squat, you would be able to pat yourself in order to become stronger. It would also help you add more weight to your workout plans. You would be able to test yourself for your one rep max along with other exercises such as bench press, military press and dead lift. Chances are higher that you would be looking forward to finding about your one max rep and compare it with your training partner. It would be imperative that you should understand that it would be involving few risks as well.

Test it under supervision

With the involvement of risk, it would become imperative for you not to try the test when you are alone. It should be done under supervision. You should have a spotter ready for supporting you, in event of your failing. The major risk involved would be running the risk of tearing or pulling your muscles.

A good mode to know about your one max rep would be making use of 1 Rep Max Calculator.