Ways on How to Bring Your Health Back If You’ve Suffered from a Burn Injury

You might have been lucky enough to survive a fire that burned your entire house down or a vehicular accident that almost claimed your life. However, your skin isn’t as lucky as you ended up receiving a burn injury which can send you in deep physical, as well as psychological pain, especially as the burns that you’ve sustained are more severe than the most typical one which is of the first degree. All hope’s not lost though as you can apply the following ways on how to bring both your physical and mental health back to normal after suffering a burn injury.

  • Non-topical medications

First-degree burns can usually be treated right in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, second and third-degree burns require more than topical medications to get them to heal.

  • Your doctor may prescribe you over the counter painkillers, opiates, and sleeping pills to help you recover faster from your burn injuries.
  • You should take all of the above-listed medications according to the dosage and number of times per day as written in your doctor’s prescription. You shouldn’t overdose yourself with prescription drugs to avoid causing further harm to your health.
  • Physical and occupational therapy

Your burn injury may have left you unable to walk and do day-to-day activities. To get yourself back to moving again, you should undergo both physical and occupational therapy.

  • However, you should commit to doing physical therapy first as its main focus is to help you recover from your burn injury.
  • Once you’ve completed all your physical therapy sessions, you can then start undergoing occupational therapy which is a bit more specific as it aims to help you get your life skills back on track so that you can deal once again with the outside world with relative ease.
  • Psychiatric therapy

Aside from physical pain, your burn injury may have also left you with psychological trauma that you may experience most especially after scars have developed on your skin which then left you looking like you came out of a horror flick.

  • For starters, you may decide to coop yourself up at home more often than usual out of an unfounded fear that you might get laughed at by those who don’t know anything about what you went through.
  • To help you reintegrate yourself back to living normally like you used to before you had a burn injury, you should undergo psychiatric therapy wherein your therapist can make you do active relaxation techniques to help you reframe your mindset about your condition as well as alternative approaches like self-hypnosis for one.

According to the American Burn Association, more than 480,000 people have received medical treatment for burn injuries in 2016. Preventing burn injuries from happening to you is easy, and even if you’ve gotten yourself burnt, you can treat your first-degree burn at home by applying ointment or putting a cold compress on your skin to make it heal. But you might have sustained a second to third-degree burn instead which led to your hospitalization and subsequent recovery. The above-listed ways on how to bring your health back if you’ve suffered from a burn injury can help you recover faster, though you should also consult a lawyer right away so that you can get justly compensated for your pain and suffering.