What Legal Actions Can You Take If You’ve Been a Victim of Defective Medicine?

You went to see a doctor for your illness or injury, and they’ve prescribed you some medication that’s supposed to make you get your health back to normal faster. You’re completely sure that you bought the right medicines, each with the right dose, and you took them according to the number of times per day that your doctor had written in their prescription to you. You also did everything else that your doctor told you to do, and yet your condition got progressively worse instead of better. As you didn’t overdose yourself with prescription drugs, you’ve been a victim instead of defective medicine, and here are some legal actions that you can take:

  • File a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the defective medicine.

The media typically portrays pharmaceutical companies as these untouchable behemoth corporations with scores of attorneys available at their disposal. It shouldn’t deter you though from taking legal action against a pharmaceutical company that had put out a defective medicine that made you even iller.

  • Before pushing through with filing a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the defective medicine, you and the lawyer that you’ll be getting to help you with your case, should find out if other people have also suffered in the hands of the same defective medicine.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that the other people who also fell victim to the same defective medicine are also going to file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it, you can all file your separate lawsuits which your state’s court would then assign to only one judge under a process known as multidistrict litigation.
  • File a lawsuit against your doctor if they were already fully aware of the medication that they prescribed to you being defective and yet they still gave it for you to take anyway.

Your doctor is supposed to bring your health back to normal, not make it worse so that you’d be forced to go back to them and pay the consultation fees that they’ll charge you yet again. They shouldn’t prescribe you any medicine at all that already got subjected to a government-mandated drug recall or was voluntarily pulled out of the market by its manufacturer before the Federal Drug Administration can find out about it. Otherwise, you should sue your doctor for giving you defective medicine.

In an ideal universe, every medicine isn’t supposed to turn out defective at all, most especially given their importance in aiding the speedy recovery of anyone who takes one. Reality has proven otherwise though as more than 100 incidents of defective medicines took place in Canada alone between 2012 and 2013. To add insult to injury, reports of defective medicines very rarely make it in the news except for over the counter ones that get issued a drug recall. Still, it shouldn’t hinder you from taking the above-listed legal actions with the help of a lawyer if you’ve been a victim of defective medicine as your health got compromised because of it.