What steroids are used for bodybuilding?

Do you want to start using steroids? If yes, It is essential to question yourself and consider the following factors carefully. You might either use them for medical reasons or non- medical reasons. However, you must know what steroids are and how you could use them.

Steroid lists and effects

There are many types of anabolic steroids and it is important to know that these are not recommended for non- medical uses or for physical improvement. Steroids that include corticosteroids or anabolic steroids, do give benefits in some medical scenarios. In such cases steroids can give physical, emotional and mental benefits. However, these can be illegally bought and used which will be a serious abuse. Can you find a steroid list that defines many types of steroids and how they are used? You can find it on the internet. However, when you do so, you must be aware of the difference between the list of anabolic drugs that are found online and the ones found at the pharmacies.

Do you know the difference? Most bodybuilding sites will give you information about the illegal steroids, while the pharmaceutical sites would not. At the bodybuilding sites, You might be given recommendation for using the drugs for muscle gains, bulking/cutting phases and athletic performance. They would talk about stacking drugs with one another for improving their results at the gym. The famous athletes on steroids are people who play baseball or are in WWE. You must however be aware that their recommendations would encourage dangerous use of steroids. You might also be suggested to use drugs and their milligram strength and dosages that could lead to not just short-term but also long-term side effects and health damage.

A common list of steroids for their respective uses is:

  • Anadrol for bulking
  • Anavar for cutting
  • Clenbuterol for cutting
  • Dianabol for bulking
  • Deca Durabolin for bulking or cutting
  • Trenbolone for bulking or cutting
  • Winstrol for cutting
  • Testosterone for bulking

You can check out drugs.com to know more. It will give you an idea about the anabolic steroids and their treatments. You will know about their muscle mass, support and more. Note that these steroids are banned in the USA. So obtaining them legally will be tough.

The top ten steroid names to lookout for are:

  • Anadrol-50 or Oxymetholone
  • Methitest or methyltestosterone
  • Depo-Testosterone or testosterone
  • Delatestryl or testosterone
  • Natesto or testosterone
  • AndroGel or testosterone
  • Axiron or testosterone
  • Androderm or testosterone
  • Striant or testosterone
  • Fortesta or testosterone

You might have noted that a bulk of synthetically designed steroids have been created with similar structures and functions of testosterone which is a male hormone that is manufactured in the testes.

The types of steroids that behave similar to sex hormones include dihydrotestosterone and testosterone along with other drugs that would serve and stimulate secondary sex characteristics.

The anabolic steroids stimulate growth in tissues, mainly the muscle and bone strength. These are also known to increase the red blood cells.  With these types of anabolic steroids that have hit the market in different forms, you must be well aware  of their benefits and drawbacks before you use any.